Benefits Available for Small Business & Associations.

The following is a list of benefits available to you either by choosing several or merely one of them for your company!

EHC was designed to help Canadians cope with unexpected costs over provincial health plans.  It’s a non taxable benefit to an employee, and because of that, monies paid by an employer toward it are tax free to the employee and family while paying much of the costs of prescription drugs, paramedical coverages such as massage therapy etc.  Our charges to manage this service are as it you were a very large employer with the discounts that go with it.

Similar to EHC, this benefit is also tax free to employees for whatever % of premium the employer pays on their behalf.  It covers all Basic services which represent at least 80% of all costs at the dentist.  Major Services and Orthodontic treatments can be added or covered under a private spending account

Most group plans insist on your having this coverage.  We don’t!  However, since the insurance is available with no medical questions asked and rated on the average age of your employees its a pretty good deal and doesn’t cost much.

Could you or your business survive you being diagnosed with severe illness.  Critical Illness insurance pays you a lump sum on diagnosis of one of over 20 causes of illness on either a mandatory or voluntary basis!

If one of your employees was disabled and couldn’t work, would you feel obligated to continue paying their salary?  This benefit usually paid by the employee solves that difficult choice and can provide benefits up to age 65 if chosen.

This benefit is available to replace EI disability insurance resulting in a rebate to the employer.  It can be a solution in some cases but also could be monies spent elsewhere for the small business.

A method of payroll deduction to offer your employees a way to save for their retirement, get a tax deduction, with you providing the vehicle.  You can contribute as employer but you don’t have to.

These voluntary programs are available to any of your employees at no cost to you,  the employer.  simply provide your employees with the link to the website and they can browse at their leisure

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